Back-Up & Recovery Solutions for Williams Lake

No matter how much we might plan, accidents and disasters can happen that put your business’s data at risk. It’s important to recognize how hindered your business may be if important data, operations, and other applications were lost. Whether caused by human error, a machine malfunctioning, computer virus, or natural disaster, the downtime you experience can result in data loss, slowed productivity, and loss of revenue. Make sure you have a plan for such an occasion with back-up and recovery solutions from Williams Lake’s Sandtronic Business Systems. We sell products from Datto, a local and cloud based back-up solution that can help protect your valuable data from a wide range of issues.

Datto Program & Subscriptions Available

Datto comes with a variety of protection solutions including: 

  • Ransomware Protection
    Ransomware is a type of malware that can lock your files and data, infecting your computer systems. Datto’s ransomware protection is made up of 3 layers – education, antivirus software, and total data protection. 
  • BCDR: Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
    From system failures to human error to natural disasters, Datto’s BCDR service includes various platforms including Datto SIRIS, Datto ALTO, and Datto NAS to help protect your date and information. 
  • DRaaS: Disaster Recovery as a Service
    Fires, floods, power outages, IT system failures, and more are countered with Datto DRaaS, a recovery plan that ensures your business infrastructure can be recovered in minutes in the case of disaster. 
  • C2C: Cloud-to-Cloud Backup & Recovery
    Use Google, Microsoft, or SalesForce to back up your data via their cloud? Datto’s C2C provides back-up and recovery solutions from one cloud to another. This prevents data loss, excessive downtime, and related financial issues.
  • Managed Networking Service
    Provide reliable, secure, and viable networks for your clients with Managed Networking Services (MNS). This frees up time and resources for your clients to focus on their business. 

Evaluate Your Recovery Time & Recovery Point Objectives 

Figure out what type of back-up and recovery solutions for your Williams Lake business works best with the Datto calculator. This calculator allows you to evaluate the amount of recovery time you would like to have when dealing with data loss and recovery. It uses information about how critical your data is, how often you back-up your systems, and from where you are recovering data. For example, is it from a local network or the cloud? The calculator can also help you figure out the cost of downtime by the number of employees affected, the average wage of your employees, overhead, and the revenue generated by employees affected by data loss. 

Get Started on Your Back-Up & Recovery Plan at Sandtronic Business Systems

Protect your business with back-up and recovery solutions from Sandtronic Business Systems. We have Datto programs and subscriptions available and can offer advice on what works best for your needs. Visit us today.

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